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Milk water at Fossil Cove

A site of national geographical significance. Fossil Cove is just South of Blackman's Bay 30 minutes from Hobart.

The evidence for two very different geological events is recorded in the rocks of Fossil Cove.
The lightly coloured Permian Mudstone is around 250 million years old. This fossil rich rock was very much closer to the South Pole when laid down as unconsolidated sediments.

About 180 million years ago, as great upheavals took place, molten rock forced its way upwards, displacing and deforming existing rock. This process of displacement has helped move and shape the Australian Land Mass to where and how we see it today.

The dark coloured dolerite, or blue metal as it is commonly known, in the Fossil Cove area, is in fact, some of that previously molten rock.

-Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

In my book it's just a magical place well worth a visit.

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